About us

The Pathway To Our Goals

We want to empower families and communities; to collaborate with & help those in real need in today's society; to support self-sustainable and healthier lifestyles with solar PV installations for homes and businesses, as well as our zero-emission products in our ecommerce store.

Revenue from our solar installation projects, as well as sales of solar & aquaponics products in our e-commerce store, helps to support our planned development program for customized solar-powered modular homes featuring integrated solar-powered aquaponics. These homes are ideal for recreational and residential properties, as smaller homes donated to the homeless and those with critical needs, as well as relief aid for displaced individuals, families, and communities.

By collaborating with other companies and organizations, we will be able to help on a personal level, and at the same time help produce for world markets in the Agriculture and Healthy Organic Food sector for all levels.